FBI inspection

Q & A
Q & A
What industries can we service?
  • We have expertise in these fields: Hard Goods, Electrical & Electronic Items, Soft Goods as well as  Industrial & Chemicals products.
How to book the FBI Service?
  • Each inspection order, please provide us with below details by email:
  • Contact details of manufacturer
  • Date of Inspection
  • Product description and quantity
  • Product details and inspection requirement, such as Product pictures, Material, Measurement, Logo detail, Function and Packing requirement etc.
  • Our inspector can arrive at factory in China within 48 hours and then issue the report to you by email within 24 hours.
  • Remarks:
  • You can send us an original sample to our address before inspection.
  • Please email us if you will pay us by TT.
When can you book the services?
  • We suggest 3-5 working days before services.
Can the services be performed according to your special requirements?
  • Yes, our services are subjected to your requirements, such as using specific AQL standards, or performing the things you specify.
Can the services be performed in weekend or holiday?
  • We can conduct services during holidays and festivals, etc.
Do you need to send us a sample?
  • It depends on client’s decision. For us, it is better if there is a reference sample for inspection. The sample is supposed to reach our office 3 days before the inspection. Or you may choose to leave your sealed approval samples in the factory.
What if I'm not happy with FBI services?
  • Please send complaints to our After-sale Service Department: [email protected]. You will get a feedback within 24 hours. We shall improve our service quality step by step.
What is the payment term?
  • 100% prepay.
  • If your monthly order quantity is more than 15 orders, we accept monthly statement.
What is the payment method?
  • Alipay
  • Wechat-Pay
  • Paypal
  • T/T
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